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Log home media blasting is an effective way to remove old finishes, stains, and discoloration from your log home. This process uses a combination of compressed air and an abrasive material to gently strip away the outer layer of wood, revealing a fresh, clean surface underneath. Whether you're looking to restore the natural beauty of your log home or prepare it for a new finish, log home media blasting is a great option to consider.

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Log home staining is an important process that helps to protect your home from the elements and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. The first step in the process is to thoroughly clean the logs to remove any dirt, debris, or old stain. Next, the stain is applied using a brush or sprayer, and allowed to dry completely. Finally, a topcoat is applied to provide extra protection and enhance the color of the stain. With proper maintenance, your log home will continue to look great for many years.

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